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3x6 Double

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3x6 Double Door Frames

Door Frame Types
Door frames are an important issue that is often overlooked when it comes to safety.No matter how sturdy the door or secure the locks, if the door hinges have been drilled into a flimsy frame it can be kicked down in seconds by someone determined to do it. Because most locks and dead bolts protrude into the door jamb and rely on it for support, choosing the right frame is a vital part of ensuring that your doors are securely attached.

What different shapes & types of Door Frames?
A basic door frame consists of two jambs running vertically parallel on either side of the door, with the lintel forming the crosspiece at the top and the sill forming part of the threshold on the floor below. No matter what the shape of the door, even if it is non-standard, the frame will need to provide a seal for the door when it is closed, so the frame will be designed with that primarily in mind. Especially if the door is an uneven or irregular shape.
If you're interested Door Frames: 3x6 Double
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